The Outlist is a webpage directory that indexes UIC faculty and staff who voluntarily choose to be listed as members of the LGBTQAI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Trans, Queer, Asexual, Intersex, and more) community. The purpose of the Outlist is so that current students can reach out to listed members to build community, establish mentorship relationships, etc.

We appreciate our cisgender and straight allies, but this list is exclusively for LGBTQAI+ people.

Please submit your information HERE.

Leah Goodman
(Pronouns: She/her)
OTD, MA Occupational Therapy
Visiting Clinical Instructor
College of Applied Health Sciences
Mark Martell
(Pronouns: He/him)
PhD in Educational Policy Studies
Director, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center
Em Rabelais
(Pronouns: They/them)
PhD, MBE Bioethics, MS Research Methodology, MA Religious Studies,
BS Nursing, BA Music and Bioethics
Assistant Professor, Nursing: Women, Children, and Family Health Science
Rebecca Ruhlman
(Pronouns: She/her and they/them)
BA in Journalism
Senior Designer, Public and Government Affairs
Surya Sabhapathy
(Pronouns: She/her and they/them)
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Psychiatry
Katja Tetzlaff
(Pronouns: They/them)
BA Molecular Biology, MS Biomedical Visualization
Andrew Trotter
(Pronouns: He/him)
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease


Why is it important to be out/visible?

“I was hidden for almost 40 years. Being visible means that my peers will begin asking themselves questions and then eventually be able to have conversations about TGNC [Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming] identities. It means that this campus will hopefully become safer for folks like me. It means that TGNC and other students can see that they have a place here.” -Em Rabelais

“When I was growing up, we had no role models (not even bad ones like on Jerry Springer.) Over the
years, I’ve found that invisibility isn’t really a choice and that instead of running from the world that it
is best to confront it dead on.” – Rebecca Ruhlman